It’s Been Awhile

In this episode we talk about the revelation of 38! As Brandon celebrates his birthday, he speaks about the earth shaking impact of the Season of Loss.

In one year (2014), he experienced his father’s passing, the loss of a pregnancy, financial hardship and other traumatic events. All of this reshaped the man he knew himself to be and the man he was becoming.

Brandon references the impact of the Flight, Fight, or Freeze response to illuminate what response we activate during our own traumatic events. Being stuck in either phase will ultimately keep you from truly healing. How far away is your healing… really ask yourself if you are standing in the way of that healing?

“The aptitude that ripens from within and wants to unfold does not remain ready for an unlimited time, but atrophies and disappears when the environment does not help it to develop”

Pedagogical Psychology of Teaching and Learning

Show Notes



Repurpose the effects of your trauma. Lets work to reshape the toxic stress in our lives to repurpose our energy towards the attainment of purpose. Let’s work to remove the barriers to our own healing. 


How to truly engage with those stuck in traumatic mental head spaces. Often faith based approaches fall short due to the fact that they do not fully understand the traumatic mindset that one may currently be in. The use of standard faith based colloquialisms can often be met with extreme opposition by one who’s “downstairs brain” is stuck in an open state of extreme emotion. In these instances, time and patience is needed by the person attempting to engage and assist this trauma engaged individual. 


The impact of grief can cripple one’s ability to develop and grow as a person. “Experience + resistance = suffering”. To experience the negative emotions following traumatic events is human, but our resistance to the reality of what is that leads to the suffering in our lives.

Future of Faith and Feelings

One of the hardest ideals for those dealing with trauma to realize is that they possess the power to change or reshape their situation. Our various faiths teach us that true strength lies within, and therefore it is up to us to bring about the change needed to improve our situations. We must also understand that the change that lies within our control may not be physical in nature but of our mindsets allowing us to see past our physical barriers. 

Wrap Up

Final Words of Guidance
Understand that change comes when we decide to change ourselves. Know that the power to move forward past the effects of your trauma reside in you. Although the cultivation of a positive environment can nurture the seeds of inner strength and purpose, realize that it is not the responsibility of those environmental factors or persons to change your situation.

Seek therapeutic means of addressing the impacts of trauma in your life from all productive sources, whether faith based or clinical. Take the effects of your trauma and use it to work towards developing and returning to your true ordained purpose in life. Check the environment that you have either created or have allowed to surround you. Sometimes growth and healing is as simple as one’s change of mindset and environment.

To end your suffering, you must accept and embrace what is. Once that is done, make the necessary changes in your life to allow you to move forward.

Mentioned Resources

Dr. Dan Siegel’s Hand Model of the Brain

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