The Controversy Project

In this episode, the #TSStrong community is formally introduced to the visionary of the Controversy Project, Brandon T. Bailey. It was important that viewers and supporters receive a clear understanding of the roots this project and the true purpose of his journey. 

Vision, Ordained Gifts, and Purpose can provide positive cultivation in our lives. People fall short due to the lack of understanding. One of the major purposes of the podcast is to help those affected by trauma to see that they do not have to allow these experiences to cloud their Vision, lessen the Ordained Gifts, or damper the full impact of their Purpose. 

Emotional conflicts do not have to impede progress. They provide an opportunity to FOCUS ON STRENGTHS and transform weaknesses. This episode presents the foundation of true inspiration. The Golden Circle depicts the “Why”, “How”, and “What”, to help understand the purpose of choosing to focus on “Why”. 

Identifying the “Why” provides the true blueprint for any action that is completed. Our “Why” for this project is directly linked to the purpose of wanting to create a Safe Space for Trauma Survivors and Trauma Supporters to be able to share testimonies, strengthening resources, and to ultimately achieve healing and wholeness from the impact of traumatic experiences.

Show Notes

Start With Why – Identify and dissect the factors that have impacted the cause for the actions you take in life. The definition of being “lost” is to act without true sense of direction and purpose. Have you identified your purpose in life? Ask yourself “why are you where you are in life and if you are on path with your identified purpose”?

Built from a diverse religious background over the years, Brandon developed his current sense of faith through education and experiences. Since he growing up in ministry, the purpose he has sought is to always find ways to be impactful to others. The power of testimony points to a two-fold process of healing for both the person providing their testimony, and the ones receiving it.

Brandon values significance and his impact on others. As a result, this podcast allows the #TSStrong community to develop a deeper connection with the topics we cover and guests we interview. The project is designed to use multimedia platforms to connect with the day-to-day feelings of those in our communities that are struggling with past and current trauma. 

Future of Faith and Feelings
There are many people in the world dealing with the effects of trauma. There are times where tension and conflict between faith and mental health follow traumatic events. This conversation seeks to open the lines of communication on these topics and second to introduce researched methods of healing.

Wrap Up

Final Words of Guidance
Fight to find your purpose. Do not allow your past or current struggles to determine the fulfillment of that purpose. Turn the weight of those burdens into the foundation and catalyst of your personal growth. 

Seek therapeutic means of addressing the impact of trauma in your life. Explore all productive sources, whether faith based or clinical. Take the effects of your trauma and use it to work towards developing and returning to your true ordained purpose.

The future of faith and feelings is not allowing yourself to be boxed into one manner of thinking or healing. The path to true healing and achievement of purpose is found in community rather than in individual effort.

Mentioned Resources

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