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Are you a person of Faith? Are you a Survivor of trauma? Are you an Educator or someone that works with at-risk youth? Are you a Supporter of Mental Health services? 

Controversy is a multimedia conversation about faith and feelings. Author & Artist, Brandon T. Bailey leads an honest conversation about the controversial tension between faith & mental health.

Feelings are Key Ingredients in Your Faith w /Dr. Lesley-Ann Brown-Henderson

This episode addresses the importance of understanding the power of “now”. It is one thing to be cognisant of the past and proactive towards the future, but excessive energy in either direction tends to cause you to neglect what is currently happening in your...

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Father I Stretch my Hands to Thee

In this episode, Brandon opens up to the #TSStrong community about the challenges that came with learning how to parent his oldest child who is diagnosed with Autism. Engaging in the “honest” process of learning to understand all aspects of any challenge that you...

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Is the Best Teacher Life or Religion w/ Amber Bolden

This episode addresses the need for clinical engagement within the church to assist its community with recovery from the effects of trauma. Our special guest, Amber Bolden, offers a critical look into the controversial struggle between turning towards spiritual guidance vs clinical treatment, and...

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Them Changes

This episode addresses the feelings and emotions that occur when a person of faith is caught in between the points of trauma and healing. The journey that occurs can undoubtedly cause additional levels of stress and trauma in and of itself, and it is...

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Freedom is Found in Good Health w/ Adam Farmer

In part 2 of episode 2, we get an opportunity to sit down with Adam Farmer again as he provides insight on his journey of experiencing trauma, rediscovering his true purpose, the importance of good health, and the pursuit of FREEDOM. He advises us...

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