I grew up in faith and the fellowship of the church. Music, ministry and a general pursuit of purpose were deeply ingrained in my character and career aspirations. I have always had a big vision and a unique ability to illustrate that vision in a way that made people excited to support my efforts. I had many traumatic experiences growing up but my faith and sense of purpose allowed me to suppress the effects of this trauma for a long time. I served faithfully in ministry and encouraged thousands of people to believe. 

On my journey I have been an educator, a performer, an entrepreneur and a writer. I experienced success and incredible setbacks but my faith had never waivered. In 2014, I faced financial hardship, a miscarriage and the death of my father. I was standing on stage every Sunday, singing the praises of the Lord while depression was slowly taking over. As life’s difficulties continued to arrive, for the first time my faith began to shake. Although I have been “taking it to the Lord in prayer” for my entire life, I had no idea what to do.