Art, how it affected me mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Hello my name is Marsh Arts and I am the owner of The Marsh Arts Studio where I provide graphic design, illustration, painting and printing services.

I also sale artwork as well as out in paint & sips.

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago where I earned my BFA in Graphic Design and I now reside in Atlanta.

I was always creative as a child and never stopped being creative but as your a baby/child you just do it because that’s what you love to do and as a child you play all fat. For me, if I was outside getting dirty I was inside being creative in some type of way. However getting into the preteen/teenage years I used art as a form of therapy. Here are the three ways art affected me on a mental, emotional and spiritual way.

Growing up I was raised Christian and had to have my hair pressed had to have girly clothes (I was a straight up tomboy) had to have everything neat and matching had to go to church and if I had any questions on why I couldn’t do something even if it was just to understand since I clearly didn’t understand at the time I was so confused. I had strict parents (I know now that it was because they were just being very protective of me in this crazy world) and I couldn’t really go anywhere. Even though I could’ve invited friends over but I liked going over places where the parents weren’t so strict so just I could have a little taste of freedom.

Long story short I became depressed and in a I don’t care attitude, I didn’t know who I was nor could I explore to find out no matter how hard I tried. It was literally driving me insane because I didn’t see myself in anyone nor anything except art. So on the days where I was just so angry at the world and at myself I would go to my studio that I created in the basement and would draw something very detailed just to let all of those questions that I had in my mind that wouldn’t get answered out. I overthink a lot and creating helped me to process everything I was thinking in a peaceful way.

I was sad and confused which turned into anger and all of it was pint up inside of me. I would rather harm myself than anyone else so in order for me to release all of those emotions I would throw paint onto paper and would see my emotions disappear as the paint splat therefore creating some of the best abstract artwork I’ve done. I like to call it killing two birds with one stone. 

Once I graduated college, I became more interested in religion and spirituality. I wanted to finally indulge in that world and connect my beliefs with my art just like when someone becomes connected to an art piece. I started doing research not only on Christianity but also other religions and beliefs and whatever I related to/that I connected with I would put it in my artwork. Another killing two birds with one stone because I was learning about my people that looked like me before slavery and I realized that a lot of my people didn’t know the history of our people before slavery and what their beliefs are etc. so I was only right to inform people through my art. 

In other words when people ask me how did art affect me mentally, spiritually and emotionally I can overall say that in present day when I need to let out some stress or process something I use art therapy and the art that create I make sure that my emotions and my culture portrays itself within my art so that people won’t feel alone and that them to can get through whatever they’re going through

About the Author
Born & raised on the south side of Chicago. Moved to Atlanta in 2016. BFA in Graphic Design Provide Services: Graphic designs Illustrations Paintings Printing Has art for sale Host paint & sips & conversational events