Them Changes

This episode addresses the feelings and emotions that occur when a person of faith is caught in between the points of trauma and healing. The journey that occurs can undoubtedly cause additional levels of stress and trauma in and of itself, and it is important to learn how to navigate that journey in the healthiest way to achieve your healing. We also take an in-depth look into the inner thoughts and emotions of an “introvert”. How does one fight their inner voice being against them? It is important to know when to not listen to yourself.

Show Notes


How much work do we put into appearing to be the person that we think we should be in public versus working to improve the person that we are? It is imperative for each person to understand what sources provide them the energy they need to grow.


We have learned to live with wearing masks way before the pandemic of 2020. This episode shows us that the coin always has two sides to it which may be polar opposites of each other. Many of us present our physical personas as the way we imagine ourselves being in public, meanwhile, there is constant conflict and turmoil battling within. Our friends and family members may never truly know just how much our outward expression may be cries for helps or simply repurposed energy and focus allowing us to push through the day.


At times, your own negative inner voice can cause you the most stress and mental anguish. Take time to break down and understand the inner world that you may have created and how it impacts you on a daily basis. Are you your own worst enemy? Have you been your biggest critic, and if so, why is that? It is perfectly ok to accept the inner parts of yourself that do not always agree with you because those parts have a voice too. Denying or merely suppressing those voices are no different than scenarios where extroverts question, shun, or even look down upon introverts for not fitting into the prototypical molds of society engagement. It is ok for your thoughts to not be “politically correct”.

Future of Faith and Feelings

You do not have to feel as if your faith has to count more than the impact of what you are feeling in your darkest moments. They are equally important and can often be reciprocal of each other.

Wrap Up

Final words of guidance
Learn to understand your inner voices and thoughts, take from them what you need to press forward, and proceed towards the next stage of your journey towards healing. Know that whether positive or negative, your thoughts are an important aspect of who you are, but you have the ability to choose which thoughts you are going to focus on.

Remember that it is important to treat and address the problem itself, but it is far more important to focus on the healing.Know that you don’t have to fit within anyone’s stereotype of who or what you should be. Be vulnerable, be open, be honest, be courageous when you give of yourself. Don’t be afraid to remove the “mask” that you have so comfortably worn for for years. The “mask” can bring with it added bagged and needless stress.

Support for the mission/message
What you focus on expands, therefore, make healing your focus!!!

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