Father I Stretch my Hands to Thee

In this episode, Brandon opens up to the #TSStrong community about the challenges that came with learning how to parent his oldest child who is diagnosed with Autism. Engaging in the “honest” process of learning to understand all aspects of any challenge that you may be facing at times may be the toughest part of the journey. The true challenge comes when you understand what you are facing, and you have used all your skills and knowledge to persevere yet the challenge is unmoved.

Show Notes


After you have done all that you know how to do to overcome a challenge, what do you do next? Have you ever given something your best shot and still come up short? Know that it is in these moments that your faith will truly offer you peace and strength, but only if you choose to surrender to it.


Have you truly surrendered to your Faith? Have you conducted the inner assessment of one’s self to identify those parts of you that are difficult to surrender? Remember that “Experience+Resistance=Suffering”. With that said, it is our responsibility to ourselves to work towards reducing our level of suffering by first reducing our level of resistance.


Our conflict and resistance to fully surrendering ourselves to our chosen faith or to the mere fact of what “is” creates unnecessary struggles for ourselves. When we do this, we hold onto the thought process that tells us we cannot be happy unless we achieve a specific outcome. This type of thinking often blinds us from the many blessings and positive lessons taking place around us during our journey.

Future of Faith and Feelings

Remember that you were presented with your specific challenges in life for a reason. Although there are positives to surrendering oneself, take care of what and who you surrender yourself to.

Wrap Up

Final words of guidance
Find your “Redemption Song” that allows you to release and surrender yourself to what “is”. Remember that you are not defined by the mistakes that you have made during your journey.

Do not stay a prisoner to moments of hardship, pain and struggle. Work to change your focus towards the fight to release the yolk of your burden, to surrender to your faith, to overcome and surpass your struggle.

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