Be Mindful of the Second Arrow w/ Allison Carmichael

Allison Carmichael Bio

Allison Carmichael has served in public education over the last twenty years as teacher, assistant principal and principal.  Through her tenure she has experienced serious work related stress.  In 2017, she began a journey learning about mindfulness for which she was able to build a skill set experiencing tremendous benefits.  As all teachers do, Allison felt compelled to share her learning with others. Second Arrow offers stress reduction strategies specifically to teachers.  Allison now also serves as Teacher Fit’s Mindfulness Director, is a mother of three, and a wife.


Service based. Goals of impacting a situation so that it is left better than when they found it. Fear of letting others down.


How do the routines of religion and faith impact you? Our guest adds insight into the impactful nature of her upbringing in spiritual guidance.


There is a wide margin between the amount of support that one receives for attempts with physical improvement vs. mental and emotional improvement. Normalizing mental health support is greatly needed in our communities.

Future of Faith and Feelings

Our guest tells us about the principle of the “Second Arrow” which deals with the impact of a traumatic event and the fact that we always have a choice of how we react. We are also taught that we are not the same as our thoughts, and that we have the power to reshape both.

Wrap Up

Final Words of Guidance
Dr. Brown-Henderson teaches us to remember that we either succeed or learn lessons towards how to succeed in life. We should embrace the impact of the lessons learned from your failures in life while working towards not repeating mistakes of the processes that lead towards failed attempts.

Creating your own structure and regiment of prayer and meditation will be one of your biggest tools to healing from trauma, and to plan your journey towards growth for the future. Remember to take the same medicine that you prescribe to others, and to put equal energy into creating the opportunities for your own healing just as you would do others.

Healing and growth are ongoing, and like everything else in life, it takes planning, practice, and the obtaining of the exterior tools needs to succeed. 

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