Is the Best Teacher Life or Religion w/ Amber Bolden

This episode addresses the need for clinical engagement within the church to assist its community with recovery from the effects of trauma. Our special guest, Amber Bolden, offers a critical look into the controversial struggle between turning towards spiritual guidance vs clinical treatment, and that choosing one or the other does not mean that you are shunning the other.

Amber Bolden Bio

As an educator, professional counselor and owner of Bolden Consulting, Amber Marie Bolden is mission-driven when it comes to helping others vitalize their mental health and wellness. Whether supporting families or training organizations, she brings her brand of compassion, zeal, and humor to the work of transformation.


The attainment of freedom coupled with the understanding and realization of one’s true potential sits at the core of the fulfilment of purpose. Life is the best teacher, therefore, take each lesson as a way to learn how to improve yourself in life. 

Faith: It is important for the church to evolve from its past rigidness of doctrine and teaching. As the generations pass, the methods of helping its members grow and heal spiritually must offer a certain level of religious flexibility and clinical education to simultaneously address both sides of one’s inner growth. 


There does not have to be a clear division between one’s faith and one’s feelings. The time for purposeful engagement presents itself appropriately, and it is up to us to choose which option best suits the current mental and emotional state that we are in. 

Future of Faith and Feelings

The importance of realizing that one’s faith is not automatically predetermined by the faith of one’s family. In addition, there should be a place for clinical advisement within the church to help its members with healing from both a spiritual and clinical basis. 

Wrap Up

Final Words of Guidance
Failing in life does not make you a failure as a person. Understand that as long as you have breath, then your life has purpose. Meditation is an extremely useful tool to help steady a traumatic mind. Make time to be still, to observe, to replenish yourself. It is in these moments that true inner growth, guidance, and healing can take place.

The following tools were present during this episode – “Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer” by Myles Munroe which points towards the importance of meditation, and “The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health” by Rheeda Walker which speaks to the imperative need for the African American culture to consistently confront and address identified mental health barriers.

There does not have to be a battle between prayer vs meditation. In fact, they work one in the same and will often achieve the same purpose if properly utilized. Lastly, pursue progression over perfection. Budget the investment of your time, even better than you budget your money. Make attempts to lessen the amount of your time that you invest into things that do not nurture your spirit, and seek out the opportunities to grow and thrive in your ordained purpose. 

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