Welcome to Controversy

Are you a person of Faith? Are you a Survivor of trauma? Are you an Educator or someone that works with at-risk youth? Are you a Supporter of Mental Health services? 

Controversy is a multimedia conversation about faith and feelings. Author & Artist, Brandon T. Bailey leads an honest conversation about the controversial tension between faith & mental health.

Controversy – A Mental Health Talk

In this episode we take a look at the importance of one’s mental health in depth. Statistics taken from a 2018 analysis show that 1 in 5 United States citizens were experiencing mental illness on one level of the spectrum, and 1 in 25...

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Rediscovering Purpose w/ Adam Farmer

In part 1 of this episode, we get an opportunity to sit down with a man who has truly learned to rediscover his purpose in life. Adam Farmer provides insight on his journey of experiencing trauma, rediscovering his true purpose, the importance of good...

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It’s Been Awhile

In this episode we talk about the revelation of 38! As Brandon celebrates his birthday, he speaks about the earth shaking impact of the Season of Loss. In one year (2014), he experienced his father’s passing, the loss of a pregnancy, financial hardship and...

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The Controversy Project

In this episode, the #TSStrong community is formally introduced to the visionary of the Controversy Project, Brandon T. Bailey. It was important that viewers and supporters receive a clear understanding of the roots this project and the true purpose of his journey.  Vision, Ordained...

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