Why You Should Start to Focus on Your Strengths

Strength-based leadership is a topic I became familiar with almost 4 years ago. Prior to diving into this topic, I was a student of various self-help and personal development authors. I began a long journey of self-discovery and development. I learned a lot of great information but I found it difficult to implement the theories into my life. As a result, I wasn’t changing. I was focusing on trying to fix my weakness but I wasn’t having much success.

I will write a lot about what I have learned about strength-based leadership on this platform. However, I could not start there. The reason should be obvious. Think about this… if you do not have a grasp on a topic then you cannot teach it to others. If I do not understand what my strengths are and I am not first operating in them then I cannot coach you into doing the same. This is the purpose of this article and the video that supplements the message. Continue reading “Why You Should Start to Focus on Your Strengths”